Section 1. Name

This organization shall be known as the Copperas Cove Ministerial Alliance.

Section 2. Purpose

The purpose of the Copperas Cove Ministerial Alliance is to unite the Christian Ministers of Copperas Cove in fellowship and to enrich the spiritual life of the community through united ministry and evangelistic outreach. We recognize our diversity and hold to Jesus Christ as the one unifying focus and purpose of our existence.

Section 3. Beliefs

The Copperas Cove Ministerial Alliance believes that:

  1. The One True God is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and personal, being revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
  3. Salvation is available to those who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by grace through faith.

Section 4. Qualifications and Membership

A. Any person who represents the leadership of a local recognized ministry may submit a request for membership subject to the guidelines below:

  1. Candidates for membership are to be nominated by a current member of the alliance.
  2. The nominee shall present an application for membership to the officers of the alliance.
  3. The officers will review the application and will make a recommendation regarding membership at the next meeting of the alliance.
  4. Approval for membership will be subject to a three-fourths affirmative vote of the members present by secret ballot.

B. Any members of the alliance may be removed from membership subject to the guidelines below:

  1. Recommendation for removal of a member must be submitted in writing to the alliance officers by a member of the alliance.
  2. The officers will review the recommendation and if appropriate, will submit a report regarding membership at the next meeting of the alliance.
  3. Removal of membership will be subject to a three-fourths affirmative vote of the members present by a secret ballot.

C. Membership Responsibilities and Privileges

  1. Members must attend a minimum of one meeting every twelve months and agree to cooperate in accomplishing the purpose of this organization. Failure to meet this standard will require re-submission for membership.
  2. Members may remove their membership by request in writing to any officer of the alliance.
  3. Each member of the alliance is entitled to one vote on each matter presented to the alliance.
  4. Each member is entitled to serve as an officer after twelve months of continuous membership.

Section 5. Officers

A. Officers of the Copperas Cove Ministerial Alliance shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  1. Officers shall be nominated and elected annually at the November meeting, or as soon thereafter as practical, and shall server from January 1 through December 31. Offices vacated prior to the annual election may be filled by a nomination and vote at any regular meeting.
  2. Responsibilities of officers are as follows:
  • President: The president shall preside at the meetings of the alliance and guide the organization in its work and activities. The president shall appoint and dissolve committees as deemed necessary.
  • Vice-President: The vice-president shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of that officer. The vice-president serves as publicity chairman and assumes other duties as assigned.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer will receive, maintain and distribute the financial resources of the organization at the will of the organization. The treasurer will keep suitable records of gifts, income, expenditures, and bank balances, and make such records available to the officers and membership upon request.
  • Secretary: The secretary will maintain a record of the business conducted at meetings, handle correspondence on behalf of the organization, and maintain a record of membership.

Section 6. Meetings

Quorum of members required for a vote shall be forty percent of the members present at a regular monthly meeting.

Assembly: The Copperas Cove Ministerial Alliance will meet as deemed necessary to carry out the purpose and interest of the membership. Stated (or regular) meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at noon. The Alliance will hold no less than four meetings a year. For the purposes of a special called meeting, notices must be posted or received by mail or e-mail seven days prior to the meeting.

Voting: Items brought before the membership for a vote shall require a motion and a second, and simple majority vote to be enacted, unless otherwise stipulated within these by-laws.

Section 7. Amendments to the By-Laws

Members may recommend an amendment to the by-laws to any officer of the alliance. The officers will study the proposal and present their recommendations at a regular meeting of the alliance. An Amendment shall require, for adoption, an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and shall become effective upon passage unless otherwise stated.

Section 8. Dissolution

In the event of dissolution, the officers shall, after paying and making due  provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the alliance, dispose of all remaining properties or funding by donating same to an organization in keeping with the purpose of the alliance.

These By-Laws were adopted by the membership on January 5, 2005.